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Reasons to engage our services 

At SwissSAV, we provide after-sales service for Swiss made watches. As the watch industry grows and advances, the increasing cost of infrastructure investment, difficulty in employing, training and retaining good technical staffs, spare parts cost and supply issues coupled with constantly requiring technical training on watch movement design, tools, equipment and instruments to work on them, means its a uphill task for brands big and small to maintain a high standard of after-sales service.

Because we specialize in our business, we invest heavily in infrastructure, train our own technical staff locally and in Switzerland and sending them for Swiss certification, stocking up of original Swiss made parts since 2011 when the supply cut begins and cost increase, and at the same time working closely with Swiss equipment and instruments manufacturers for the Swiss watch industry (often representing them directly), we are now in a strong position to provide the highest standard of Swiss watch after-sales service or SAV as we call it in Swiss watch industry.

SwissSAV knows what is important to you, and is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with all our customers, built on a foundation of understanding your needs, excellence in our service and trust in our organization.


Swiss made watches after-sales service specialists

We are a group of people passionate with watches and money, especially on how to fix high quality Swiss made watches and exchange our expertise for money. What makes us different is that we measure our success based on the quality of work we deliver - and not the amount of money we make. Monetary rewards is always an afterthought in our pursuit of success by delivering quality Swiss SAV.

Our beginning years were tough, we were in the red for a number of years and couldn't break even as investment into TOP quality high spec Swiss made tools, equipment and instruments were big. Then came the spare parts crisis, where we had to borrow money from the banks to stock up on original Swiss made parts. To make things worse, we had to visit Switzerland yearly for long duration to receive and update our training as it is the only place to receive quality training and understand the Swiss methodology to Swiss SAV.

Our preserverance paid off and today, we have the know-how, knowledge, people and facility to provide the highest standard of Swiss SAV any Swiss brand can demand from us.

We offer only Swiss standards

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Business to customers

Usually for brands who wants to focus on selling and product development or find it no longer cost effective to own and manage their own SAV as they understand better service can be provide through a specialized SAV provider like us. 

We provide service to their customers directly from our service centre located in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt in Orchard road - the best prime location due to close proximity to all luxury brands boutique and their offices.

Advantage to the brands

  • Zero overhead and spare parts cost. Better professional service to their customers
  • Faster service for customers requiring watch related services, eg. battery replacement, bracelet resizing, change of straps or accessories, repair issues or product complaint
  • Point-of-sales freed up to concentrate on selling, able to scale up or down product offerings without consideration of after-sales service


  • Lost of revenue if SAV is viewed as profit centre

We work with some of the biggest Swiss brands, and welcome and enjoy working with anyone who needs high quality Swiss standard after-sales service.

Business to business and their customers (hybrid)

Usually for ultra-luxury brands, in both high jewelry watches and high complications watchmaking. Also for boutique brands and new launches into Singapore or Asia market.

Due to low volume of service and repair, it is not economically sensible to manage a specialized SAV team outside of their Swiss manufacture, making us the ideal partner for their SAV.

Their customers are encouraged and free to visit our service centre directly, with a private room and appointment based specialized service, located conveniently in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt in Orchard road, their customers can enjoy a high level of service associated with their purchase.


  • Zero overhead cost
  • Professional SAV and customers' feedback collection
  • Able to scale up or down product offerings without consideration of after-sales

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Business to business

Usually for brands who already have their own service setup. Due to various operational reasons, they engage us as backroom contractors providing service and repair for their watches. We deal with their after-sales office, boutique staff and management directly. There is no interaction with their customers as the brands deal with their customers privately. Confidentiality agreement are usually entered between both parties.

Advantage of this setup

  • Brands maintain direct contact with customers 
  • Possible to provide customized or personalized service
  • Possible to showcase new products to customers when they visit


  • Increased manpower cost to manage customers directly
  • Lost sales opportunity for sales staff when spending time on repair customers
  • Increased communication error or misunderstanding especially when dealing with difficult or technically savvy customers, additional stress for sales staff

At SwissSAV, we use only what the Swiss manufacturers use and do what the Swiss manufacturers do, according to their standards and methodology.

You will find exactly the same TOP Swiss made tools, equipment and instruments, updated technical information, training manual and specific requirement in our workshop. Of course, original parts as supplied or specified by brands.

What else?

  • Reliability - We have been in business since 2002 and being reliable is one of our key strength.
  • Transparency - We are open and transparent. Our accounts are available every quarter to our working partners for audit and available for a further 6 years under Singapore corporate law. 
  • Interest in creating success - We are in SAV for the long run - It is a marathon we want to keep running with our partners and we don't want to win without you. We want you to be successful with our SAV even if we don't make money intially.
  • Dynamic team - Always open to discussion and possibilities, we believe in communication to solving any problem. And we believe there is no problem we cannot solve unless your watch is not made on earth.